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Letter to the Editor: What will it take?
When will conservatives finally face the facts about climate change? Hurricane Katrina left 1,836 dead. That didn’t seem to faze them. Then Superstorm Sandy put much of New York City under water. That wasn’t enough. Then last year three major hurricanes hit the U.S.—yes, Puerto Rico is part of the U.S. and its inhabitants are U.S. Citizens. All Trump could say was “Only 16 people died—no big deal.” That count was taken right after the hurricane hit. The actual total once rescue workers could get to them was close to 3,000 dead. But those three hurricanes weren’t enough. And those devastating weather events occurred just in the U.S. Tragic and devastating storms have been happening all over the world. Hawaii just suffered a hit from a hurricane that dumped four feet of rain in less than two days. Almost every day another record is broken somewhere on this dying planet. When records are broken every week you have a problem. So maybe it will be this year that our legislators and so-called leaders take note of what is happening to our planet. Have they noted the triple digit temperatures in California coupled by the long drought resulting in not just a fire season, but fires all year long. And no, it is not the Californians fault because they let water from rivers flow to the ocean. (Another wise statement by Trump). All rivers eventually flow to the ocean.