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Letter to the Editor: What a mess
If any of you have had time to try and follow the political stories reported by the big media systems you will be as confused about the details as I am. The reports seem to be an endless tangle of accusations whose specifics seem to elude those really smart people in Washington. Congress keeps trying to investigate and gets the stone wall treatment from the FBI, the CIA and the electronic spooks called the NS something or other. Those departments report to the executive branch on paper but apparently really report only to God on alternate leap years. The FBI, which is headed by one of our own Georgians, will not tell anyone anything. The director has not cleaned house. He is a failure as a leader as far as I can tell and needs to be sent back home. The result of all this is to make the average citizen lose what little trust we had in the security branches. If everyone cannot come clean with the details of what happened during this last election cycle we need to throw out every person who has any leadership function in all the departments and agencies and start anew. They all look rotten to me. I can find more competent people by random selection in Walmart.