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Letter to the Editor: What does the Georgia tax cut mean to most Georgians?
We always like to hear about a tax cut. We hope that our legislators study what the benefits of the cut would be and do some research and budgeting to make sure we have enough money in the state bank account to pay for essentials. By law, we can’t have a deficit in Georgia. But this is an election year. Our legislators didn’t really study the consequences of reducing revenue in a state that has one of the lowest tax revenue collections in the whole country. They just knew that this year they needed a little boost to make sure people would vote for them in November. There are at least eight programs that could have been bolstered or added had we left our tax structure alone. As it is a family with a yearly income of $46,000 or less will see a $40 a year tax cut—$3.3 per month. Of course, wealthy people and corporations will see much more, but that is usually what tax cuts are all about in a Republican run state.