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Letter to the Editor: The Wall

I read with interest last week’s letter about the “oval office sham” where the writer called President Donald Trump a “liar,” “hate filled,” “disgusting” and “immoral” because he wants a border wall. That is pretty hard language.

From the day that Trump ran for office he talked openly about the need to build a wall to stop the flood of illegal crossings into our county. About half of the citizens of the U.S. voted for him and his wall ideal. That vote is a reflection of the will of a large portion of the people.

Those that want open free borders should stand up and just say that. They must believe that a steady flood of immigrants from South America will make this country better. I do not agree.

I think that not one person should ever be allowed to come into this country without going through some vetting process and even with that, we should not let in too many.  We cannot absorb millions and still retain American culture and society.   

Now the Democrats control the House and because they now have the purse strings they refuse to spend even one penny on any kind of wall. The president has his veto power and he will not sign a spending bill which does not include money for his promised wall. The House cannot muster the votes to override his veto. So now the whole of the federal government is grinding to a halt.

It is not the amount of money or the Democrats would offer say $2.5 billion or some other option. We spill more than that each year at the federal level.

The president has said he is willing to negotiate. The Democrats say they will not negotiate. The fault of this shutdown is with the side that will not offer any compromise of any kind.

What we are seeing here is the face of tyranny of the left wing extremists who are really communists/globalists. This fight is not about the merits of a wall or how much we should spend. It is about who calls the shots and who writes the future of the country.

A country which does not control its borders is already on the way to being globalized. Are we to be governed by those ruthless enough to never compromise? Extremists on the left may be as mean as Stalin. We should all begin to prepare ourselves. This is probably going to get a lot worse.

Gary Pichon

Marble Hill