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Letter to the Editor: Trump and the Impeachment
When you read this letter the full House of Representatives will have voted on the Impeachment of Donald Trump. The next step will be the trial which will probably take place in January with Chief Justice John Roberts the trial judge and the Senate Republicans running the trial. So what led us to this point in our history? Our founding fathers wrote the constitution knowing that there was a possibility of a President being elected who was not upholding the constitution. King George of England was a tyrant who tried to take advantage of the American colonies—so our founding fathers knew first-hand what might happen. And so, the founding fathers included in the constitution the remedy of “Impeachment”. This could be ruled on if Congress could prove that the President had committed, “….treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors”. It is an action that they deemed should never be taken lightly or purely for political reasons.