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Letter to the Editor: A tribute to our 911 professionals

April 14-20, 2019 is recognized as National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. This week is set aside annually to honor those who provide this critical service to our community. We are blessed in Dawson County to be staffed with an outstanding group of professionals who are certainly deserving of this special recognition.

Many years ago as a young high school kid, I remember summoning help for my dad who had fallen violently ill. Not having our own telephone, I ran to a neighbor’s home to borrow theirs. As a panicked young boy who believed his dad was dying, I struggled to get the words out of my mouth. Although I do not remember with whom I spoke or what was said, I do remember the calmness and assurance coming through the other end. It proved to be a much needed lifeline.

Today’s 911 operators continue to be the lifeline between those in need and our public safety officials. Although times and responsibilities have changed, these professionals stand ready to help during your time of need.

Our 911 Operators are often called upon to answer multiple incoming calls, provide emergency medical dispatching and coordinate multiple responses; all while keeping a close check on those public safety professionals serving in the field. It truly is remarkable to observe their efforts during times of extreme activity and stressful situations.

As our community continues to grow, call volumes rise and greater demands are placed upon these professionals; I encourage all to consider their sacrifices and commitments to our community. Just as those who don the badge, these men and women are dedicated to the service of our people. They are deserving of our respect and our gratitude.

Thank you for all you do for in service of our county.


Honored to serve,

Sheriff Jeff Johnson