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Letter to the Editor: Thoughts on global warming

I see in the paper that global warming is a crisis and that only good Democrats can save this world from rising seas and high temperatures and that President Trump is singlehandedly undoing all the great things Mr. Obama did to save humanity. Ha!

It is true that the world has been warming now for some 10,000 years and that the growth of human population and use of resources has been rising at huge rates over the last 100 years. All the data says we now have too many people for the carrying capacity of the planet. We probably are adding to the many factors that are causing the world to warm. How much is directly caused by people and how much is caused by the natural trends of the cosmos is debatable.

Some scientists say we are about due for a cold spell on this earth and that the glaciers could come back. If you think global warming is a problem for humanity then think about what a good ice age will do. The last time I did some reading on the subject the theory was that an ice age happens very quickly and the last time we had one, the ice was a mile thick in New York City. Water in the subway will look like a small problem then.

I notice that those advocating major changes do not change their energy consumption much. They drive their SUVs, fly to their environmental conferences, run their air conditioners and buy products shipped around the world on big polluting container boats. They also pass goofy laws that cause the rest of us to pay more for energy use.

If the collapse of civilization caused by very rapid global warming happens within a very short time frame, wars around the world will break out as people fight for more and more scarce resources. The U.S. will need a very robust military to protect us, not more windmills.

I for one am not ready to return to comfort levels of 1920 to please someone who wants more Democrats with their crazy political correctness standards rationing carbon based energy and preventing the only non-carbon power source available now in the form of nuclear energy. If carbon is the real problem the only current solution is a massive world shift to nuclear energy. The Greenies and their Democratic allies rail against this and promise salvation by wind and solar which have yet to prove themselves because we have yet to develop a cost competitive storage system.

Vote, but if you vote the Democratic ticket do not whine when your electricity is rationed and you have to ride your skateboard to town.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill