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Letter to the Editor: Thankful for selfless officers

The two officers in the subject of this letter need to have this commendation put in their personnel file. Give me the liberty of going into detail regarding the circumstances surrounding my call to the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency center.

I’m on my way to Atlanta for a wonderful birthday dinner, car loaded, so I decided to run through North Georgia Premium car wash. When I pull out onto the street I hear my tire flopping. It is still at Kroger Gas station, the first place I could get out of traffic.

I called the car wash, they denied responsibility, but said call the non-emergency center. Super polite girl that answered said we will send someone to change your tire. In a short period of time Deputy Kirkland and Anthony Davis pulled up.

 They worked for over an hour in the heat trying to get the lug-nut off that was apparently stripped. Deputy Davis went to the auto store to get different tools to no avail. To give you a full picture of how impressive their behavior was, one woman stopped, rolled down her window and took pictures of them dripping with sweat in the heat and said, “You guys get so much criticism I want to record this. I have two uncles who are state troopers.”

 Later, another woman came over with three bottles of cold water for us. By now we were all perspiring. In the interim I called my son at work to see if he could come to pick me up to take me to my home at Amicalola Falls. When the deputies heard he wouldn’t be able to get me for a few hours, they determined it would be too long to wait in the heat. They loaded my belongings into the patrol car and Deputy Davis drove me all the way home.

What can I say? You can’t thank people enough for this kind of assistance when you feel frantic and helpless. When I walked into my home, a flood of emotional relief came over me. This isn’t the first time the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office have been uniquely generous to me, as well as other citizens who have described similar encounters. It is a very special community in which to reside thanks to the type of officers assigned to help us when we are in need.

Thank you again.


Paula Ruth