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Letter to the Editor: Social media and the WWW

I am no hater of new technology. I used the new, computer driven world in my work and I use it today as a retired guy. But this international, free-flowing web thing is a new and different animal, and it is out of control.

The World Wide Web was designed to be completely without government control of any kind. The little tech wizards from academia and the west coast set about to create a completely new thing.  Now we stuff everything including our entire banking and financial system through that maze of cables. Anyone can tap into that system anywhere in the world. 

Our planes, trains and automobiles can be run through this thing. This includes our entire defense system. The electrical grid is run through this unregulated hodgepodge mess.

Absolutely nothing is private. A determined government or even a small private group can reach into that system and break it. They can plant whatever they want in any machine anywhere. We don't need bombs anymore to ruin life. All someone has to do is turn stuff off.

According to some, our entire democratic system is now under attack. The comments that you see on any blog or social media are likely being placed there not by citizens but by operatives paid by foreign governments to simply stir up the pot of anger. The angry trolls are not real.  Most of them are foreign government robots.

The United States government needs to step in and fix this now before this system eats us all. We need laws with teeth to make sure we know who and what is using the web.  This is the problem of “attribution,” which must be solved and quickly. Cutting the cables off at the border is not the best solution but it may be one that we come to if we cannot fix it any other way. We need tough enforcement now.

It should be a felony offense to access the web through any hidden means. A true name and address needs to be appended to every transaction on the web. Every use should have an accurate identity and physical location attached to it so that we may see who is on the other end. Any country that allows false identity to be used should be isolated from web use into the U.S.

The west coast tech boys will scream. The globalistic intellectuals will have a hissy fit. The liberal left will be apoplectic. But this needs to be done now and aggressively; else we will pay a terrible price in ways I cannot even imagine.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill