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Letter to the Editor: Security here at home

I believe that we are entering a period of increasing risks to our normal peace and tranquility here in the foothills. Our situation is changing. I wish that I am wrong but the winds of change are blowing now and the statistics say that crime is on the rise around here everywhere we look. There is the increasing risk of crime to each one of us and there is a larger national threat to the unity of the country.

We should begin to think about how best to prepare for that growing possibility that things will get a lot worse. There is clear evidence that the slowly gathering storm of drugs, big money associated with drugs and the violence and theft associated with that culture is following the flow of growth into our once isolated community.

We are already spending, per citizen, a comparatively high amount on security and yet we need to spend even more.

We need to provide more money to our sheriff so that he may field more patrol officers. Our sheriff should do everything possible to make sure that he puts as many officers in the field as is possible every day.

More spending on the security function does not automatically mean higher taxes. We could shift our spending from other areas toward the sheriff.

I have reluctantly come to this hard conclusion that we need to shift because our security risks are changing for the worse as they are changing all over the U.S.A. Drugs provided to our children, sex crimes, theft and crimes of violence are all getting worse. Given the national mindset about these manifest evils, I see little chance that we will reverse those trends. All we can do is try and be prepared and make sure we have enough deputies in our communities to try and suppress it as much as we can. We need more deputies’ boots on the ground and that will cost.

Many of you will find this suggestion troubling and many will not want to change how we do things. But change is upon us now and we must look and focus on the things that really matter. General security is that thing above all others.

Tell your elected commissioners what you think we should do.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill