Forsyth County hires this Dawson County judge as its assistant county manager
Tarnacki has served as a magistrate judge in Dawson County since 2009.
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Letter to the Editor: The mystery of the City of Dawsonville

Well the voters have voted for a new city mayor. Mr. Eason is to be congratulated.

The majority of the registered voters of the city are abject failures as citizens. Only 16 percent of the registered voters took part. Shame, shame on you that did not vote. Hang your heads.

Now some more words about the City of Dawsonville. 

Dawsonville is paid for by other people. The citizens do not tax themselves for the services provided by the city. Most of the money comes from sales taxes collected from the businesses along 400. The other money comes from state and federal grants which are paid for mainly by other tax payers. Dawsonville takes an unfair share of the LOST and SPLOST sales tax receipts and others foot the bill.

Dawsonville is a rarity among all the county seat cities of the whole of Georgia because it charges no property tax. The next time LOST and SPLOST are set, the rest of us should revolt.

Dawsonville has used the annexation process to grow in a fashion designed to change the zoning density established by the Dawson County Future Land Use Plan. Go look at the city map and you will be amazed out how weird it is. Its shape has been distorted for zoning considerations.

Dawsonville has used the annexation power to allow a noisy motorsports park to be placed among a quiet residential neighborhood and has not even provided water and sewer to support the density of that area.

Dawsonville has been trying to secure federal tax dollars to establish a taxpayer-funded airport in a rural area of the county not suited for such an activity. If that airport is established the county citizens will spent millions of dollars of property tax money supporting that field for years while it struggles toward operating breakeven.  

My hope is that the new city leadership will govern responsibly. But it looks like most people in the city don’t really care.



Gary Pichon

Marble Hill