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Letter to the Editor: Keep safety in mind heading back to school
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A new school year signifies that autumn is just around the corner and football season is on the horizon, but most importantly – the returning of our students. There is nothing much more eventful than the beginning of a new school year. As we anticipate challenges and prepare for another year, it is important that we take time to address some potential public safety concerns. For us to be successful in keeping our children safe, we must all exercise responsibility. This is demonstrated through our care, our caution and our vigilance. It goes without saying, but everyone is vested with helping to keep our community’s children safe, not just those with children in our schools. With our student numbers increasing approximately 5 percent, we readily expect greater traffic congestion. In addition, we expect greater participation in parent pick-up and drop-off. We encourage our community to be patient, leave early and allow additional time for your commute. Tardiness, distractions and impatience are often the recipe for accidents.