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Letter to the Editor: Immigration not always a good thing

I like the Mexican people that I know. They are usually Christians, hardworking and family oriented. It seems to me that they have about the normal human standard of goodness and sorryness common to the whole human race.

I have traveled a pretty good bit in Mexico and done business there and while it is a beautiful place it seems to me that most of the sorry class of Mexicans work in their national government. That is why so many want to leave it and try and make it to the U.S. I don’t blame them. I would try and escape if I were a Mexican.

The pressure to get out of Mexico and some of the Latin American countries is about like that which was on the Germanic tribes trying to get to the Roman Empire.

A mass movement started from Germany and finally destroyed the Romans. The lights of civilization went out. Europe entered the Dark Ages for almost 1,000 years. 

Immigration is not always a good thing. Historically large immigrations violently disrupt areas and sometimes destroy entire nations.

Even if the South American flow is not sufficient to ruin us, we should be aware of the economic implications of the current immigration flow continuing. It suppresses working class wages.

If you want non-wealthy Americans to earn more money, simply restrict the supply of workers coming across the border doing that kind of work. Wages for labor will start to rise. The price will go up to fill the demand. The really rich will have to pay a higher wage for their maids and drivers and gardeners. The rest of us will pay a little more for our lettuce. I am willing to do that.

Those that insist that we need immigrants for cheap labor sound exactly like those that argued to keep slavery alive. Slavery is really the cheapest labor you can get. Is that condition what we want for immigrants?

This brings me to my main points. No one, not one person, should ever be allowed to enter our county without going through some process of registration and vetting. Once they become citizens they should have the full rights due them that are due all citizens.

People should only be allowed in at a gate. We should use all means to repel them from the non-gated portions of all our borders, beaches, ports and airways. Congress should set the number legally allowed in each year.

People that want open borders are wrong and we should never let them near the levers of power. If we are stupid enough to do that, our children will pay a terrible price as the new age comes about.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill