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Letter to the Editor: Immediate action needed on Kudzu growth
Greetings to everyone in our county, state and country. This is an urgent call to all. As most already know: We are being overtaken. No, not what you may think, but by Kudzu. Immediate action is needed! Our counties and states do a great job keeping the grass cut along our roadways. However, I have noticed that while we the taxpayers pay for these services, the mowers and trimmers are carrying this invasive vine from one property to the next. (It only takes a small piece to take root). Once it takes root, there is a new location where it grows a foot a day. This vine will not only take over a property (our home) but it will also kill our trees, shrubs and flowers. We all need to be contacting our county, state and federal road commissioners etc. to try to address and minimize this growing problem (including decreased property value).

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