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Letter to the Editor: The Great Green Dream
The idea that we could make the world into the wonderful reality of the Democrat’s dream of sustained plenty and preservation of the natural world is appealing to me and everyone else. It is sort of like Lyndon Johnson’s idea of the “War on Poverty.” At first blush it fits the Christian dream of worldwide peace and understanding. I like it and so do many others. We are likely to be made to try and do it. If any of you have read Jered Diamond’s book “Collapse,” you, like me, will feel the need to do something. He is Malthus reborn and makes a very compelling argument that a day of reckoning over the extensive use of the world resources driven by ever increasing population will do us all in at some point. I believe that Diamond is basically correct. I just cannot predict the point at which his vision of hell happens. The Democrats think next week is the time.