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Letter to the Editor: The future of Medicare and Social Security
When President Trump was on the campaign trail, he promised he would never touch Medicare or Social Security. I talked to several Dawson County residents during that campaign who said as long as he didn’t touch their Medicare or Social Security, they were okay with him. Well, time to take a look at what may actually happen in the next few months to these two essential programs. The infamous tax cut that was supposed to be for the lower and middle class did give us all a small monthly tax cut: $15 to $40 a month depending on your income. But the people who really got the big breaks were the corporations, CEO’s and Wall Street gang. Many of them will see hundreds of thousands a year in tax cuts. Some will enjoy cuts even into the millions. What that has done is create the likelihood of $1.8 trillion being added to the deficit. The current Republican-led Congress thinks the best way to take care of this increasing deficit is to decrease benefits for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. The Republican aim is to totally do away with all of these programs, but they can do it slowly just by defunding it.