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Letter to the Editor: The fix for the border

The President should declare a completely open border on the border with Mexico beginning on May 1, 2019 until August 31, 2019.  During this period, he should have all the border patrol agents stand down and let as many people across as want to come.  No checking. No searches.  No pictures. No finger prints.  

Once the newcomers cross the boundary there will be free bus transportation provided by the US government to all major cities that have declared themselves sanctuary cities.  Free box meals will be provided until the sanctuary cities or states have been reached and then each person will be given $500 in cash for expenses and released at the center of the town or the capital of the sanctuary state.

No newcomer will be allowed to go anywhere initially except to the sanctuary cities so they will be sure to be received with compassion.

The left wing liberals of the Democrat Party will be happy because we will have really globalized and demonstrated love for everyone. The Republican right wingers will be happy to get a lot of new cheap labor to mow their yards, pick lettuce, and work in their factories.  The drug users in Hollywood will be able to buy at a big discount from the new supply.

The Sanctuary people will dance in the streets for joy. 

It is the perfect solution.  

I will be immortalized in the history books and you can even claim to your children that you saw me once on the street.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill