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Letter to the Editor: That is enough

If you read my letters you know that I don’t particularly like President Trump’s TV show host approach to the presidency. But I strongly agree with most of his policies. He is working on trying to fix the major problems facing the country and he is having some success. The federal judges, the swamp and the Democrats are not helping at all.

I voted for Jimmy Carter. I voted for Bill Clinton his first term and attended his inauguration. I voted for Barack Obama his first term. I am generally a Republican but not always. I have learned my hard lesson. Perhaps you have too.

Here is what I am now certain about. The Democratic Party at the national level has become the party of obstruction. The Democratic Party is the party of socialism if not communism. The Democratic Party is the purveyor of conventional wisdom, which is to say they enforce the world views of globalization, political correctness, encouragement for Islam, marginalization of Christians, open borders, confiscation of private wealth for transfer to their supporters and a weakened defense for the USA. They are the enemy of local law enforcement.

And worst of all they are the champions of their universal theory of victimization caused by white male European Christian colonialists. They see no value in western civilization and are ashamed of it. They teach our children that all the wisdom of the last 5,000 years should be discarded. They must believe that chivalry, civility and modesty are worthless virtues. They are vulgar and mean and cruel to anyone who dares disagree.  They claim to champion diversity but allow no diverse voices to their core ideas.

It is becoming clear to me the Democrats must be resisted in every legal way possible.  If left unchecked they will put the rest of us in re-education camps. They will use the tools of power to have their way all of the time and they will cheat to do it. 

The Republican Party, my party most of the time, also bears close watching. They have their own problems. But the national Democrats, as now revealed for all of us to see must be resisted, suppressed, opposed, turned from office, confronted and challenged.  That confrontation can no longer be quiet.  We are beyond that point. We must politely and loudly point out their errors and hope that they will return to their roots as a party.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill