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Letter to the Editor: Creeds

Oh boy, am I excited, I get to poke fun at CNN and Huffington Post, two paragons of religious ignorance.

It seems that at the funeral of George Bush the other day that President Trump did not recite the Apostles Creed, the oldest of the confessions. Religious confessions and creeds are exactly the same thing.

In my Presbyterian Church we often recite creeds. We are a confessional church and we have a whole book of them. Sometimes we recite the Apostle’s Creed. Sometimes the Nicene Creed. And even sometimes we say a portion of the Westminster

Confession, which I think is the high water mark of all protestant confessional statements.

But Huff and CNN ignorantly called them prayers and said that the president did not take part in the service so blah blah blah he is a bad person and disrespectful. Where do those organizations find their supply of such unschooled and silly writers?

That very old creed is a short statement of what some say are the essential tenants of

Christianity. But not all Christians say creeds.

I have a lot of Christian friends that would never say a creed. They disagree on theological points. That does not make them less Christian. It does not make them disrespectful. It may mean that they are very careful and will not say what they do not believe.

Some of those people at that funeral probably do not agree with a single thing in that

confession. They just made a meaningless noise with their mouths. I don’t think people should make a statement about faith unless they understand what they are saying and agree with it. To do otherwise is to make themselves a liar in front of the rest of us and in front of God.

I do not know why the President did not say the creed. But there is no fault in the man for his silence. The people who say otherwise need to pause and think about the words of Christ in Matthew.

For those of you in the national news business who don’t know, that book is part of the New Testament. It is worth reading. Let’s hope that CNN and Huffington people spend

some time in that book.

For those of you who are interested, come out to my work shop and we will have a discussion about the Westminster Confession around the wood stove. And we could tip a little Scottish beverage in celebration of clear thinking.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill