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Letter to the Editor: Confused values

How many times have you heard someone say “I just don’t like him.”

I hear it all the time about political leaders. “Likeability” factors figure in all the poles now as if likeability is the most important feature of a person. 

From what I know of Jimmy Carter I think I would really like him. Honest, moral, an earnest Christian and an all-round good man. I would like to have him over for lunch at my house. He was likeable. Not so much with President Trump. I don’t think I like him because he is a little too full of himself.

But as a president Mr. Trump beats Mr. Carter hands down as a dynamic leader able to change the direction of the country. Mr. Carter put on a sweater and turned down the thermostat. He curled up in a ball when the Iranians invaded our embassy. Can you imagine what would have happened had Mr. Trump been president during that time.  Mr. Trump’s answer is “drill baby drill” and he sends a clear message to the world of “don’t mess with the USA,” because there is a new sheriff in town.

On just about all the critical issues that I think are facing the country, Mr. Trump is working on the fixes. I get it that the Democrats hate him. I get it that the nice polite people don’t like him. I get it that he talks in simple grandiose statements. I get it that he is not an intellectual steeped in history and sensitive to the broad ideas of the age. I get it that he is not politically correct, thanks be to God.

He is working down my list of critical problems:

Defend the homeland first.

Control the borders.

Rebuild the USA before we rebuild the other parts of the world.

Bring back jobs to the USA.

Abandon globalization as a first priority.

Avoid war and win when we fight.

Try and grow the economy out of the debt mess.

There is a segment of the population that we almost never hear from. They are working and trying to raise their families. Politics is not a main part of their lives. Those people support Mr. Trump’s general direction for the country.

Here is my warning to his opponents. If you unfairly attempt to remove him from office by impeachment and a trumped-up conviction without clear proof of high crimes and misdemeanors you had better look out. The fact that he is not likeable by the standards of the day is not enough.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill