UPDATE: Here’s when you can expect to get your bloomin’ onion fix at Dawson County’s first Outback Steakhouse
The Australian-themed restaurant will soon open its first location in Dawson County.
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Letter to the Editor: Complex things
I have been hard at work getting my sister-in-law’s 1933 Ford Flathead up and running. It had been sitting for years with a frozen motor. At the same time I have been working on my new to me 2000 BMW Z3. The contrast is stunning. The Flathead is dead simple. Everything is barebones. I rewired the car in less than a day. There are a few places that it is hard to work because the V8 is sort of jammed into the frame but it takes no special tools to work on the thing. Regular wrenches are all you need. The 2000 BMW Z3 is an old car by today’s standards but it takes a ton of special tools to even change a wheel bearing. The electrics are beyond mortal man. A computer runs the whole show and the motor is covered up in sensors. You need fingers with 10 joints and they need to be about 12 inches long to try and get to places you need to reach.