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Letter to the Editor: The broken rule of law

Do you believe in the idea of the rule of law? If you ask that question just about everyone I know will immediately respond with a definite “yes.”

A yes means that everyone, rich or poor, famous or unknown, young or old, in political office or simple citizen, has to play by the same rules and that if those rules are broken you will be arrested by an officer of the law, tried before an impartial judge and jury and if convicted, sentenced to some sort of appropriate punishment.

The rule of law is pretty much intact at the city, county and state levels around the U.S.

In spite of the national media’s constant criticism, by and large those systems are working. Here in Georgia I have some confidence that the rule of law functions at a pretty high level of rightness.

My confidence in the rule of law at the federal level is gone. I have lived long enough to know about the corruption of the Hoover years at the FBI. Their problems have not been fixed. We watched a special council waste time and money investigating a Democrat president. Nothing productive came of that long painful episode of human failings.

We are now watching a repeat of the same thing.

Citizens are watching the current convulsions of the federal government. That government is ignoring the real problems facing the nation because they are caught up in this never ending childish food fight.

No one but a fool would now run for federal offices or allow themselves to be nominated for federal appointments because of the risk of exposure of some past sins and the very real possibilities that they and their friends will do prison time for things that would never even be examined if they remained out of public office. It is a mess.

The blame is at the door of the legislative branch, which has passed a jungle of campaign laws that no one can follow and which has provided political enemies an endless basis for accusation of criminal activity. And we all know that the income tax laws are so screwed up that we all probably innocently violated some impossible-to-understand regulation. The House and the Senate have made a total pile of it. And some federal judges have helped compound the problem by legislating.

If you agree with this general assessment, please send a copy of this letter to our federal legislators. They think they are doing a great job.


Gary Pichon

Marble Hill