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Letter to the Editor: Be honest about what's going on at the border

I do not know anyone who advocates to open free borders or anyone who believes that a steady flood of immigrants from South America will make our country better. I have yet to hear of anyone who advocates the elimination of vetting for those seeking immigration into the United States.

I wish the news media, both print and verbal, would research (with no political bend, just facts as they are – facts are facts and truth is indeed truth) and share in-depth information regarding the current border situation:

1. Annual numbers of illegal immigrants who have flowed into our county over the past decade.

2. The influx of illegal drugs, from our southern borders as well as from any and all other entry points into our country over the past decade.

3. The areas of our border where illegal immigration is most successfully accomplished, and least successful, and what constitutes their difference.

4. Specific input from those who directly oversee and work at our current southern border operations as to their beliefs and challenges and what they feel is needed to most effectively strengthen the goals of their work.

5. The statistics, over the past decade, regarding illegal immigration commission of crimes versus U.S. citizens and a breakdown of crime type.

There are those on both sides of the political spectrum who continue to throw out sound bites that are simply are not true. This week a senator in favor of the $5 billion-plus for a wall gave as his major rationale: the “horrific drug problem” we have in our country and that that alone is the reason enough for funding. He shared that the crisis of drug addiction is gripping our country. So, yes we have a horrific addiction problem in our country, but it certainly seems that he is using our opined crisis as the crisis of illegal immigration. It’s one example of a sound bite not followed by facts, but unfortunately, emotionally effective with many listeners.

The fault of this shutdown is not simply “with a side.” It is exactly that kind of partisanship that advances the divisiveness and dig-our-feet-in stance.

Enough emotional talk and fight. Give all of us the in-depth picture of our current situation, and its weaknesses and faults, so that we truly know the situation as it is and can make intelligent, rational, effective decisions as to spending billions of taxpayer dollars

Truth is truth.


Gregg Anne Zubay