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Letter to the Editor: Answering the call
Jeff Johnson
Dawson County Sheriff Jeff Johnson
Last week, the nation observed National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, a week set aside to honor our communication officers also referred to as 911 operators.

Often the least recognized due to the nature of their responsibilities, our 911 operators are typically the first link in most emergency responses. From receiving emergency calls, to eliciting critical information, to dispatching first responders, to administering emergency medical dispatching, the duties and responsibilities of our 911 operators are many.

In larger counties, many 911 centers employ personnel for specific roles. For example, some may serve strictly as call takers, fire dispatchers, law enforcement dispatchers, solely as supervisors, trainers, etc.

Although Dawson County 911 Operators may be more inclined to handle specific roles, all are trained and prepared to assume any role needed. In a county our size, these professionals are tasked with all aspects of 911 operations.

Locally, we are blessed to have a committed group of professional men and women serving in this most critical role. Men and women who have dedicated themselves to being the lifeline between those in need and the first responders.

I am proud of their efforts and the role they serve in the administration of our county’s public safety services. To observe these dedicated men and women, especially during times of crises, is truly eye opening. It is apparent that these professionals genuinely care for our community and our public safety professionals.

Unfortunately, these professionals also suffer the stress and languish of handling emergency calls. To hear the pleas for help while maintaining the composure to respond and direct takes a special person. They truly serve a vital function.

Please join me in recognizing and thanking these men and women for their committed service to our county. As your sheriff, I couldn’t be more proud of the daily sacrifices of all of our public safety professionals. Our 911 operators are an integral part of this service!

Honored to serve as your sheriff,


Jeff Johnson

Dawson County Sheriff