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For public schoolteachers, voucher battle isn’t over
Dick Yarbrough
Dear Public Schoolteachers: For once, the good guys (that would be you) won. But save the high-fives. This fight is far from over. I am talking about the failed attempt to ram a private school voucher bill through this session of the General Assembly. It was just the latest attempt by a bunch of Kool-Aid drinking Republicans to take our tax dollars and give advantage to private schools. The proponents call this an Education Savings Account. I call it an insult to you, the job you do and the conditions under which you do it. You have been insulted many times before. You have been furloughed. One legislator who suggested sending you home without pay was soon photographed in his tuxedo, slurping an adult beverage at a hoity-toity cocktail party, giving new meaning to the term, “Let ‘em eat cake (or sip martinis”).