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Dr. Anderson: A pleasant sound
larry anderson
Dr. Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine in Dawsonville. - photo by Jessica Taylor

By Larry Anderson of Anderson Family Medicine

It is a pleasant sound to hear the rush of people going to get their vaccines. When this started, about 39% of those asked said they were waiting on the data to come in. Today, there is data for over millions of Americans who have gotten the vaccine, and now, only 17% are still dragging their heels.  Not sure what they are waiting on. 

Yes, we have had side effects, but none — with the exception of the J&J vaccine — seem to be more serious than when we get the flu vaccine. All the side effects are not as bad as the effects of getting COVID-19. The J&J vaccine did have 6 deaths in over 5 million doses. It was the right thing to do in pausing the use of that vaccine. It will soon be available again and should be used when available.

We have used the Spanish Flu of 1918 as a guide as to how to control this pandemic and how to survive. What happened 2 years later when the Spanish flu went away? Did they get back to the old normal? No. They started a new normal. Here are some helpful words: roarin’, Flapper, Shimmy and Speakeasy. Yes, the 1920s had a bad ending with the stock market crash. We now have safeguards in place with the stock market to help prevent crashes again. Prohibition was repealed (but did not seem to have an effect on the underground economy of Dawson) and alcohol was legal again. 

This leaves us with roarin’ Flapper and Shimmy. I am okay with that.

Get your vaccine. Wear your mask. Thanks for reading.