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Does anybody care what Georgia’s school teachers think?
Dick Yarbrough
Well, public schoolteachers, they are at it again. “They” are our intrepid public servants under the Gold Dome, who siphoned $100 million out of the state budget for tax credits so parents can avoid sending their kids to public schools in Georgia. In their inimitable wisdom, they have decided public schools are the pits — or as our esteemed Secretary of Education in Washington, Betsy Devos opined, a “dead end” — due to the problems of poverty, apathetic parents (assuming there are two), gangs, drugs, transiency, discipline, enough red tape to cover the Great Wall of China, kids who carry a sense of entitlement bigger than their book bag and a host of other matters you must deal with when not teaching to the test as mandated by a bunch of out-of-touch bureaucrats. Somehow, I have had this nagging feeling that you didn’t cause these problems and that you haven’t figured out a way to shut the door on issues that extend beyond the classroom and are not of your own making. Maybe this one falls on our society and maybe the intrepid public servants who are hosing you and the public schools should spent a little more time trying to solve some of these problems instead of running away from them and taking our tax dollars with them. Or, maybe the sun will rise in the west.