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Democratic National Committee: No cisgenders need apply
Dick Yarbrough
I appreciate that so many of you still inquire about the state of my health after my scary bout with sepsism which I won — barely. Doctors say today that I am coming along nicely. Slowly, but nicely. My vital signs remain vital and my hemoglobin remains hemoglobical. But, there is a cloud. While I may have thwarted a dread disease, I have now discovered that I am a (deep breath) cisgender. Why me? Why now? Where was a cisgenderologist when I needed one? Even worse, no one told me. I had to find out the hard way. I am honored to share some editorial pages with Jonah Goldberg, a nationally-syndicated conservative commentator. How happy he is to share an editorial page with me is another matter. He writes for a conservative publication, the National Review as well as the Los Angeles Times and strikes me as a guy who is more in the middle of the political stream than hard-right wingnuts would prefer.