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Delta execs can’t seem to navigate turbulence of external environment
Dick Yarbrough
For a number of years, I supervised a staff in Washington — first with BellSouth Corporation and then with Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games — and following that had an office in New York as member of the board of a large public relations firm. That meant almost weekly trips on Delta Air Lines, many times going up on the early morning red-eye flight and back late the same evening. I used to joke that if I missed a week, Delta would call to see if I was okay. Thank goodness, Delta has always been better at flying airplanes than they are at navigating through the turbulence of the external environment. That is because the pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, ticket counter personnel and other hard-working Delta people are better at their jobs than the clueless top brass seems to be at theirs. And don’t even bring up what must pass as a Communications Department there. My experience tells me they either give lousy advice or they are ignored.