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Claude and Whitetail friends aren’t taking the bait on hunting proposal
Dick Yarbrough
To those of you new to these pages, you likely are not familiar with Claude the Whitetail Deer and his colleagues on Jekyll Island. Several years ago, I received a call from a much-distressed Claude after members of the Jekyll Island Authority had decided there were too many of them on the island (whitetails, not members of the Jekyll Island Authority) and were planning on “culling” the herd – which is a politically-correct way of saying they were going to bump off the deer. Claude said Jekyll Island whitetails had had enough and were threatening to fight back. Not good. The last thing our state’s tourism industry needs is an all-out war between whitetail deer and members of the Jekyll Island Authority. Claude asked me to intervene. The first thing I did was to inform members of the Jekyll Island Authority that most tourists who came to Jekyll Island were there to see the deer and not them. Second, I reminded them that deer are nowhere near as big a nuisance as are lawyers and I had not heard anybody mention culling lawyers.