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Can we really say Happy Thanksgiving?
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'Tis the season to be thankful. Really?

Despite our trepidation concerning terrorists, even the distinct possibility of attacks in our own country; despite personal and family problems, we Dawson Countians can indeed be thankful for many things.

We have been surrounded by beauty in different forms. Although days of clouds and rain somewhat dampened our enjoyment, beautiful fall colors still dominated our landscape.

And there's more. The interesting and artistic displays of Artful Tables at the Bowen Center for the Arts were supplanted by an outstanding photography exhibit, at which our own John Seibel took first place.

The amazing performance of "The Messiah" by the Community Chorale makes us look forward to the many meaningful Christmas musical programs in local churches, including the always near-professional productions at First Baptist.

Actually, Dawson County is fortunate to have a number of groups (churches and organizations) that contribute to our quality of life.

The veterans, who sponsor the annual, state-recognized, Veterans Day parade and honor a veteran of the year.

The Alliance of Churches who prepare and serve an annual Thanksgiving dinner for those who might not have such an observance, or who might be spending the day alone.

K.A.R.E. for Kids as they prepare for making the Christmas holidays merry for many children.

The list goes on.

We join together to congratulate specific groups and individuals when they are recognized for achievements and service.

The Georgia Racing Hall of Fame recently held their annual induction ceremony and also honored their volunteers.

We are pleased that the Georgia Association of County Commissioners lauded our Senator Steve Gooch.

As he announced his upcoming retirement, we thank EMS Director Billy Thurmond for his years of service.

Certainly, we point with pride to the many ways that a number of our school system's teams have scored on region and state levels.

And, although local racing hero Chase Elliott is not the champion in his series this year, he is not far from the top.

Even as we mourn the loss of our rural landscape along the 400 corridor, we realize that all that development brings us jobs, new services, and tax money, which we can count as blessings.

So how many blessings can each of us as individuals count?

For instance, I can be grateful that, at 91, I can still stay in my home, go out and about (courtesy of a walker, family members and friends), and remain reasonably healthy.

Obviously, God has something left for me to do.

Maybe it's to remind us that although everything is not as we may prefer, we can still be thankful for a number of things.

Helen Taylor's column appears periodically in the Dawson County News.