BOLO: Law enforcement still looking for person of interest in rape incident
Authorities are still searching for the man.
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Autistic teen reminds us that kindness is for everyone
Dick Yarbrough
Just when you think there is no place left in this politically toxic, mudslinging, in-your-face world for any goodness, along comes 17-year-old Jordyn Moore, a teenager from Forsyth County, to happily prove us wrong. Jordyn is autistic and struggles with the skills that most of us take from granted, but with the help of supportive parents, a good friend named Sarah Chirchirillo and an occupational therapist, she is running her own business by folding, packaging and shipping T-shirts that say “Be Kind to Everyone.” The project was the idea of her parents, Ben and Jackie Moore, and was intended as a way to prepare Jordyn to successfully enter the workforce upon her graduation from school. No big deal, just a few weeks in the summer. So, how did this all come about? Ms. Moore said, “My husband and I were out on a ‘date night’ and were talking about Jordyn and her future. We decided that we needed to change our focus from worrying about her to doing something positive.” From that came the idea of a T-shirt. And not just any T-shirt, but one emblazoned with “Be Kind to Everyone.”