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Act of random kindness greatly appreciated
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Last week I decided I needed some French fries and a Diet Coke from McDonalds in Dawsonville.

Something I have not done in a long time, but my husband and I had been talking about our likes for some fast food in the area and McDonald's is my favorite fry place.

I was in line for my order and when I got to the pay window the worker told me my order had been paid for by the very nice lady in front of me.

I was so very touched by this act of kindness, I could not stop crying all the way home.

Whoever you were dear lady in the white Lincoln SUV, you made my day.

I have done this before for other individuals, but have never had this act of kindness bestowed on me.

Thank you for this unselfish act of kindness.

You are my angel.


Bonnie Byers, Dawsonville