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Sports Column: For the love of the game
There are two things I get asked a lot while doing my job, and I was asked both this week. I think they are the same two questions that all of us get asked when we get to talking about work. ‘What do you like most about your job?” and, usually when we are discussing problems about work, “What would you do?” The first one is easy. High school sports are the last level where there are kids that are playing the game solely because they love it. Sure, there are the ones that will go on to play for big name colleges or in professional leagues later in life, but for most of them this will be the last time they play their game in a truly competitive environment. Because of that thrill and enjoyment that hasn’t yet been diluted by the pursuit of contracts and rankings, I get to be witness to some of the greatest moments in sports. That’s what I like most about my job, and it was on full display across the Dawson County world of sports during this past week and I was thrilled to be a part of it all.