Dawson County man charged in 2021 fatal Applebee’s fight case avoids trial
The Dawson County defendant’s trial would have otherwise started on June 5.
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Sports column: Excited to become part of Dawson community

The most common question I have been asked this week is “Where are you from?”

It occurs to me that for most of you I am a new face and a new voice so, please, let me take a few moments and tell you about myself.

I grew up a military brat, and subsequently consider myself not really from anywhere. My dad was born and raised in Athens, Ga. so we returned there between assignments and called it home, but I didn’t ever live there in any sense of the word.

After high school, I briefly attended the University of Georgia, quickly discovering that there was so much more to pursue on campus than academics. My time at the university was fun-filled, but short lived, and I wound up enlisting in the Army myself. I spent 10 years in uniform, participating in the invasion of Iraq in my final year of service.

Through a series of events that life threw at me, I found myself drawn into the management side of the food service industry where I spent the next 15 years running all manner of restaurants; from a Mom and Pop pizza delivery store all the way up to, most recently, the dining facility at the University of North Georgia.

During that time, in addition to raising my wonderful daughters Emily and Ann, and gently irritating my wife of 16 years, Frances, I quietly pursued my desire to write, talk and become a part of the world of sports that I find to be truly fascinating.

There is no other world where in the course of one afternoon you get the opportunity to see a collection of people come together in pursuit of a common goal, and give it their mind-boggling, jaw-dropping, brain-breaking all, giving every last ounce of effort and sweat to not only achieve greatness for themselves, but for their team.

It’s an awesome world to be a part of, and I am extremely excited about becoming a part of the Dawson County community.

Now, let’s get onto using this space for its intended purpose. Each week I plan to gather together some of the news stories from around the country where Georgia athletes are featured, just in case you are out there like me, wondering on occasion, “Whatever happened to that guy?”

Peachtree City heads to Williamsport

After posting a 4-0 record through the Little League Baseball Southeast Regional Tournament and defeating the team out of Virginia by a final score of 3 to nothing, the Peachtree City American LL team out of Peachtree City, Ga. is on their way to Williamsport, Pa., to play in the Little League World Series.

 The first team ever to attend the big game out of Peachtree City, and the first in seven years to go from Georgia, the young men, all 11 – 13 years old, will face off against the little leaguers from Honolulu, Hawaii Friday, Aug. 17.

Georgia Running Back named to Top 15

University of Georgia running back D’Andre Swift was recently name as one of the top 15 backs in college football by

Playing last season as the third string back to Nick Chubb and Sony Michel, Swift showed flashes of speed and power when given an opportunity with the ball. Having moved up to the number one slot on the chart due to both Chubb and Michel entering the NFL D’Andre Swift is primed to be one of the most explosive backs in the country.

Speaking of Chubb and Michel

Nick Chubb made his debut in the NFL Thursday night during the pre-season game between the Cleveland Browns and the New York Giants. According to, Chubb “looked hesitant at time” and finished the game with only 11 yards on 15 carries. Chubb did have one reception for an additional 12 yards, but the consensus is more will be needed if he wants a spot on the depth chart come week one.

Sony Michel, on the other hand, suffered a minor knee injury during practice and had to undergo a procedure to drain fluid from his knee. Michel did not suit up for the Patriots pre-season game last week and is not expected to take the field until the third pre-season game at the earliest.

Despite earlier reports that the Patriots had big plans for Michel, his inability to take to the field will be a hindrance as the pre-season continues.

If you have any tips from around the world of sports or anything you just want to discuss, drop me a line at

Play hard. Have fun.

Bob Christian is the sports reporter for the Dawson County News.