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Swimmers make splash
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The Dawsonville Racers swim team has started a new season with a splash.

The Racers boast more than 60 swimmers this season. Once again, Stephanie Morgan is in charge of practices and meets this summer.

This year's team is made up of swimmers between 5 and 16 years old.

There are 47 girls participating this summer.

Girls on this year's team are: Harper Hubbard, 5; Brenna Kudlas, 5; Abigail Hilchie, 6; Isabelle Kinsey, 7; Ella Siuta, 7; Johanna Phillips, 7; Katya Mildenhall, 8; Maycie Calhoun, 8; Ashley Read, 8; June Harmon, 8; Jeanette Brunner, 8; Sarah Beth O'Saben, 8; Amanda Grey, 9; Martha Thompson, 9; Maya Moers, 9; Kaylee Barrett, 10; Anna Spillane, 10; Hannah Moulder, 9; Kara Starr, 10; Emma Read, 10; Mehgan Gallamore, 10; Adrienne Hilchie, 10; Lauryn Antoun, 10; Sarah Clanton, 10; Lindsay O'Saben, 11; Amelia Bruner, 11; Sara Rossback, 11; Erin Jones, 11; Anneka Byers, 11; Isabel Queen, 11; Jordan Allen, 11; Isabelle Martinez-Amos, 12; Lillie Duncan, 12; Rachel Mulberry, 12; Isabella Parks, 12; Erin Gallamore, 12; Emma Perkins, 12; Taylor Barrett, 13; Bridget Gallamore, 12; Brooke Dare, 14; Ashley Grey, 14; Megan Spillane, 14; Jessica Collier, 14; Courtney Hilchie, 15; Kathleen Gallamore, 15; Evelyn Perkins, 15; and Lauren Dare, 16.

There are 15 boys participating.

Making up this year's boys' roster are: Matthew Morgan, 5; Luke Wood, 5; Jonathan Read, 6; Aidan Kudlas, 7; Asher Wood, 8; Ryan Morgan, 8; Grant Trosterud, 9; Hayden Starr, 10; Logan Starr, 10; Jackson Toro, 10; Anthony Grey, 11; Tyler Hamby, 11; Benjamin Moers, 11; Joseph Spillane, 11 and Keylan Steffins, 12.

Practices are held Monday through Thursday each week. Ages 11 and older practice from 8 to 9 a.m., while the 10 and under swimmers practice from 9 to 10 a.m.

All practices are held at Veterans Memorial Park swimming pool.

Each swimmer is required to be able to swim the length of the pool in order to participate.

The team is a member of the North Georgia Swim League.

"Our swimmers practice various strokes and work hard to improve their techniques to become competitive swimmers," Morgan said.

Meets are held approximately once a week during the summer at locations usually within a half-hour drive.

"Our swimmers have a great time at meets and enjoy the opportunity to swim and socialize," Morgain said.