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Riverview seventh grade boys look forward to season opener
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Coach Corey Ray will lead the Riverview Middle School seventh grade boys’ basketball team this season.


The team is presently getting ready for its season opener on Tuesday, Nov. 18 at Pickens County Middle School.


Ray will be begin his first year of coaching at Riverview. He has been around the game since he was 13-years-old and brings knowledge and enthusiasm.


When Ray was in school he received many awards and led his team in rebounds, blocked shots and was one of his team’s leading scorers.


“The good Lord has blessed me to have won awards and trophies in basketball throughout my life thus far,” Ray said.


The team has been practicing for about two weeks now in preparation.


“Practice seems to be going well thus far. I have nine guys right now, so everyone will have to be in top aerobic shape by the beginning of the season. The guys are working hard, we are going over defenses and offenses. We will also be running some of the same stuff that the eighth grade, as well as, what the high school is running,” said Ray.


“I expect the best from this team. I expect my players to execute as their position demands. As a coach, I always have the desire to win, and am doing whatever can be done to set the stage for a good season. I expect my guys to go out there and play hard every second of the game,” said Ray.


Ray will count on all nine players to fill a role on his team.


“I will say that I am seeing a lot of good things out of Scotty Zadernak. He has the highest intensity on the team, and he is able to run the court hard on each and every play. As to date, Jonah Martin has the best ball handling skills on the team,” Ray said of what he has seen from his team so far.


On defense the Eagles will mix up some press and some half court zone.


According to Ray, the offense is starting to come around.


“You will see us run plays that the eighth grade runs, and you will also see us run plays that the high school runs to prepare the kids for future years in the Dawson County basketball program,” he said.


Riverview Middle School also has marked on their calendar a date with cross-county rival Dawson County Middle School.


“I think that rivalries can be a good thing and they can be a bad thing. The kids will be brought back together again in high school, so that must be kept in mind. I am preparing my guys to play to win, and I enforce to my guys to be good sports and to take the high road in all things,” Ray said about the much anticipated date.


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