Daniel Roberts arrested on new charges for allegedly threatening and assaulting teen
Roberts allegedly threatened a teenage victim by saying that he would “give him the same thing he gave his buddy,” referring to Kaleb Duckworth.
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DCMS wrestling team celebrates championship
The Dawson County Middle School wrestling team takes a group photo before their championship celebration. - photo by Rio White

Weeks after winning its second consecutive Mountain League Dual Championship, the Dawson County Middle School wrestling team celebrated with a pizza party and activity day on Friday, Feb. 25.

For head coach Andrew Grigsby, the celebration was a well-earned privilege for those who helped build the team’s success. 

According to Grigsby, the team totaled 50 players and had a heightened sense of competition that helped sustain the quality and tenacity the team played with.

While many players are just starting out, the veteran eighth-graders established the standards to which each person on the team would be held.

This foundation of leadership not only allows the middle school team to grow, but also develops the future of the high school program.

“There’s a level of respect because I let them be themselves and I also push them to be better,” Grigsby said. “When I ask them to be quiet and listen and do the things they are supposed to, the eighth graders…take more of a leadership role. It’s a cool thing to watch these kids get older and grow.”