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Middle school volleyball heats up with summer camp
S-Middle school volleyball camp pic 1
Members of the first volleyball team at Dawson County Middle School begin practice for the upcoming season during a camp on Monday. - photo by Allie Dean

The Dawson County Middle School volleyball team played together for the first time this week, starting with camp on Monday and practice throughout the week.

In attendance was coach Jessi Edwards, who said the team is a mixed bag of experience and skills.

"This is where they first come all together," Edwards said. "I think they're going to be pretty good. We have a lot of them that already know how to play, they have played club ball before, and have played together so I think we'll come together just fine."

Edwards said this is her first year coaching the sport as well, so the focus is just on getting girls interested and keeping them interested.

"We're trying to build the program," she said. "We thought that we need to keep as many as we could to get them interested and hopefully teach them to be able to play when they go up to high school. By the time they get there, that program will already be going and they will know what to do."

The Dawson County High School volleyball team varsity and junior varsity teams are entering their second season this fall.

The girls at the camp worked on serving, passing, setting and hitting.

"Serving is the hardest for them to learn...because we don't do underhand hand serve, we do overhand, and some of them are too small to get it over the net," Edwards said.

Volleyball is one of the sports that sixth graders are allowed to play, and three are currently on the team. The rest is a mix of seventh and eighth grades, Edwards said.

This fall marks the inaugural season for the middle school volleyball team, with its pre-season game on Aug. 19 and first match on Aug. 21.

"Being our first year I don't expect us to shine," Edwards said. "I haven't seen the other middle schools play. They're learning each other and some of them are just learning the sport. But I think over the next couple of years, if we keep this up, it will be a good program. It will be pretty strong."