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Tigers storm Valhalla in record-breaking game
Post second shutout of year over East Hall
S-Football pic 1.JPG
Defensive End Zac Baloga, senior, disrupts a pass in the Vikings backfield on Sept. 28. - photo by Bob Christian
Named for the mythological heavenly home of the Vikings, the stadium at East Hall High School certainly looked the part as the sun set behind the bleachers on Friday, Sept. 28. Perhaps inspired by those tales of lore the Dawson County Tigers delivered a record-setting performance and claimed Valhalla as their own with a 64–0 victory over the Vikings. With a backfield featuring two impressive seniors in running back Cambren Harrison and quarterback Zander Man, the East Hall Vikings have always been a challenging team for the Tigers. “They are a good team. Look at their statistics over the last two games,” said Tigers Defensive Coordinator Brent Cox. “This is going to be a test.”