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SWIM PREVIEW: Team boasts “biggest roster yet” for 2021 winter season
DCN Winter Media Day- Swim
DCHS swim head coach Linda Sperin with Joselyn Thompson (L), Jasmine Thompson and Megan Dixon at the 2021 DCN Winter Media Day. - photo by Jacob Smith

Though they do not record wins or losses, the Dawson County Tigers swim team may be the fastest growing sport at the high school. 

As the 2021-2022 swim season approaches, head coach Linda Sperin said she is still looking for more people to join the team and get the word out that there really is a swim team at Dawson County. 

“An answer we get a lot of the time is ‘I don’t know how to swim and I don’t know what to do,’” Sperin said. “Come try it. We’ll help you. It’ll be hard the first couple of weeks but you’ll be surprised what you can do in the third week compared to the first week.” 

Seniors Megan Dixon, Jasmine Thompson and Jocelyn Thompson represented the swim team at the 2021 Dawson County News Winter Media Day. All three agreed joining the swim team their sophomore year has helped inform the student body of the team’s existence. 

“It’s definitely something we have had to get the word out about,” Thompson said. “I don’t think a lot of people knew we even had a swim team until we actually came to the high school. I think joining the team and then telling our friends about it has definitely gotten the word out. It’s still pretty small though.” 

The 2021-2022 team has 21 students on the roster and Sperin said the roster features the most underclassmen that she has maybe ever had. She added it does not hurt having a core group of seniors walking the halls at the high school recruiting their classmates. 

Dixon and the Thompson sisters all participate in different sports in the spring at the high school (Dixon plays soccer and the Thompsons are on the track and field team). Dixon said an added benefit from being on the swim team is added preparation for her other sports.

“It’s the best sport I’ve found to keep in shape,” Dixon said. “It works all of your muscles. Also, other than the first couple of weeks, you don’t really feel sore afterwards. If I’m sore from soccer or something, it stretches those muscles out and makes my body feel good.” 

On top of everything, the swim team is about building a family and making swimming fun, something Sperin said she takes pride in with the team. Most meets are far away, which all three athletes said makes for fun times traveling to and from meets on the bus. They will play music and go out to eat after the meets. 

Since there are no wins and losses or region tournaments, the whole league is built around having fun. The league even does a yearly meet to honor the seniors, where they let each team’s seniors dress up in costume and perform a special relay. 

“Just join and try out,” Dixon said. “It’s so much fun. You never know if you might be good at it or like it. It takes practice because it’s not easy, but practice really helps.”