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Student signs with West Georgia
Vaughan Scholar pic
Dawson County senior Harley Vaughan is pictured with his parents, Johnny and Melanie Vaughan, during his scholarship signing last week. - photo by David Renner Dawson Community News

Dawson County High School senior Harley Vaughan made an important decision last week. Vaughan signed a scholarship Feb. 7 to continue his football career at the University of West Georgia in Carrollton.

Vaughan is the 20th athlete that has signed a football scholarship under Coach Jeff Lee's training program since Lee has been at the high school.

"He's worked hard," said his father, Johnny. "He's been committed to Coach Lee's program since he's been here."

"We're very proud of him," added his mother, Melanie.

Lee said that the techniques and plays learned at the high school would carry over to Vaughan's performance at the college level at center position.

"The same style of offense we ran for the past two years is what West Georgia is running, so he'll be familiar with the plays," Lee said. "The coaches have already been talking with him about schemes and things that we're using. A lot of the terminology is the same, which will really help him."

Vaughan has been playing football since he was 6 years old. He joined Lee's weight training program as a freshman at the high school.

"He's very athletic for a lineman. He's very flexible and strong and still has room to grow," Lee said. "Our strength and speed programs enabled him to get where he's at now."

"When I went to West Georgia to visit, I really liked the campus and the field they play on," Vaughan said. "I got along with the coaches and the players. I had some offers from some schools in Kentucky, but West Georgia just felt right."

Lee said that the university wasn't just looking at Vaughan's athletic abilities.

"His grades were good. All of these schools, especially the smaller ones, are looking at grades first," he said. "Once they saw the [game] film, it was an easy sell then. He's a good person. He's proven he can play against good talent in the state of Georgia."

Lee said Vaughan would probably be labeled as a red-shirt his first year. This will allow Vaughan to practice with the team but not play in the games while the college evaluates their new prospect.

"That'll give him time to grow and in a couple of years he'll be ready to go."

Vaughan said that this opportunity didn't come easily.

"You've got to push yourself for things you really want," he said. "You just have to believe. If you try your hardest you'll be successful."