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Retiring softball coach Jimmy Pruett shares takeaways after 25-year career

Longtime Dawson County coach Jimmy Pruett will retire this year after leading the Lady Tigers softball program for 25 years.

Pruett also coached the baseball team for 21 years and has 880 combined career victories throughout the two programs. He graduated from DCHS and continued his legacy by teaching at the school for 44 years. 

As Pruett begins the process of stepping away from his role, he shared a few takeaways from his long career with the Dawson County News.

What has been your favorite memory while coaching at DCHS? 

Pruett: “I would have to say the 2003 Final Four baseball team, and the 2014 softball team who finished ranked 4th in the state. The ‘03 baseball team was so talented and the ‘14 softball team worked so hard, played well together and loved one another. That's what made them special.

What is it about softball that kept you coaching for so many years? 

“I coached football for six years and the softball job came open so I applied and got the job. My first few years we were still playing slow pitch, and we had great success and made it to the Elite Eight and then we started playing fast pitch. So I am the only fast pitch coach Dawson has ever had. I just really enjoyed coaching softball. We had some great teams in the mid 2000's, and I really just never considered not coaching softball. The players that coached were the reason that I stayed. “

When did you know you were ready to retire?

“Just like everything else in life, you know when you are ready. We have a lot of talent returning next year and they should have a really good season. I wanted to leave the program in good shape. I am blessed to have won 880 games over my head coaching career.”

What has it meant to be a coach in Dawson County?

“I have always taken great pride in being the head softball coach for 25 years, and the head baseball coach for 21 years. I've had the opportunity to coach so many talented and hard working players.”

If you could give your players one last piece of advice, what would it be?

“I would tell my players the same thing that I have always said. Work your hardest, have fun and wear the Dawson County uniform with pride.”

What does it mean to be a Tiger?

“Well that's all I know, I graduated from DCHS in 1983. I have been a Tiger as a student, and a teacher for 44 years.”