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Q&A with DCHS alumni Seth Adams after transferring to Kennesaw State football
DCHS alumni Seth Adams announced last week his plans of transferring to Division One football program Kennesaw State University.

When Dawson County High School alumni Seth Adams first started his football career, he was unsure if he would ever get to play at a level of football he wanted to. 

Now, Adams will be headed to Kennesaw State, his dream school, to continue his football career. Adams started with University of the Cumberlands to build his highlight type to get to this point. 

DCN sports reporter Jacob Smith spoke with Adams about the transfer process:

JS: When did you first consider transferring? 

SA: “I first started considering transferring half way through the season this past year because I felt ready to take my game to another level.”

What are you going to miss the most? 

“I’m definitely going to miss my friends and all the great people I met in the small little town of Williamsburg, Kentucky. The whole place and community were great to me and I’ll never forget them and always be thankful for my time there.”

What did you learn most from your time at Cumberlands? 

“I learned to really focus on myself as a person at Cumberlands; I learned to be not only a better player/student but also a better man there. In two years there I completely changed what type of player I was and the student I was by going from a 3.2 GPA in high school to a 3.8 GPA in my first two years of college.”

What are you most excited about joining the Owls? 

“I’m really excited to join Kennesaw State's amazing program this year. I’m most excited to go out there and work harder than I’ve ever worked before to prove not only to  myself but to everyone that’s ever doubted me that I can play at a higher level. I’m also excited to be able to play closer back to home where more of my family will be able to come and see me play.”

Were there any other schools you were considering or was it Kennesaw all the way? 

“Kennesaw was my top choice. I have wanted to go there ever since I was a senior in high school but I never had the opportunity. I received a lot of interest from Richmond, Chattanooga, UT Martin, and Morgan State. I knew though if I was ever offered a scholarship from Kennesaw I needed to take it because it has been one of my dream schools for a long time.”

Overall, what have you learned from the transfer process?

“I have learned a lot from the transfer process. I've met a lot of great people that have helped me during that process, I’ve talked to a lot of great coaches, and I’ve learned to stay more patient during the process and put more trust in God’s hands. Overall I wouldn’t trade a single thing in the transfer portal. I’m very blessed and thankful for the opportunities I’ve received.”