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Players learn the principles
DCHS Softball pic1
Heather Brady lays down a bunt during fundamental camp last week at DCHS. - photo by Pam Jacobs Dawson Community News

A fundamental softball camp, conducted by varsity coach Jimmy Pruett, was held at Dawson County High School last week.

The camp was designed to introduce fundamentals with current high school players and players from the middle school.

"I have been talking to Coach Rogers about building our middle school softball program similar to the high school so the girls would be more prepared when trying out for DCHS," said Jessie Crane, head softball coach at Dawson County Middle.

Coach Nickie Rogers is a long time varsity assistant under Pruett. Also helping with instruction was varsity assistant Mark Ragsdale.

"It was a good way to see our young talent. The girls worked hard to get better at the fundamentals of the game. I feel that it was a great week. We are excited about the numbers that were at the camp as well," Rogers said.

More than 40 upcoming players were at the camp for the 4-day event.

"I thought this camp would be good for them to learn fundamentals, work with the experienced high school girls, and get to know the coaches. It also helps them work together and get to know each other on the field," Crane said.

The camp was broken down into different fundamental areas for the first two hours.

The third hour was designed for play or split into specific positions for help with the basics of the game.

Instruction was divided into bunting, led by Rogers, batting, led by Ragsdale and fielding and base running led by Pruett during the first two hours.

After a break the players were separated into the positions that they play: Outfield, infield or pitchers. During this time position players were taught different techniques for their specific positions.

"I really think our girls benefited from this camp. We will be using some of these fundamental drills during our practices," Crane said.