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Middle school girls win regional championship
Middle school girls
Pictured from left: Lacey Nichols, Macy French, Callie Cleveland, Kayleigh Moon, Avery Beaty, Madelyn Lee, Cydney Cunningham, Reese Moore, Emma Grace McCarron, Kirklyn Porter, Ruby Tinsley, Emma Walls, Calleigh Lamb, and Maggie Dowdy - photo by For the Dawson County News

The 7th grade girls varsity basketball team topped off an 11-1 season by taking home the regional championship against the Pickens County Dragonettes Jan. 27.

Behind at the half, the Middle School Lady Tigers came back from a six point deficit to win it 40-38. A three pointer with 44 seconds in the game from MVP player Kirklyn Porter tied the game. The winning shot came after Reese Moore stole the ball and passed to Emma Grace McCarron. McCarron's layup combined with fierce defense in the remaining seconds captured the win for the Tigers.

Head Coach Natosha Beary said the girls played a tremendous season.

 “They were dedicated from the start to be the best and they proved that. The girls played tough throughout the season and demonstrated a grit about themselves to learn different things,” Beary said. “The unselfishness that this group has is inspiring as a coach and is a testament to the true character of these girls."

McCarron was named an All-Tournament Player during the Regional Championship and Callie Cleveland was named an All-Academic player.

The 7th grade team had a large number of players this season, but instead of competing with one another, Beary said she felt that they really came together as a team.

"Their passion for the game and their desire to be better is what got them the trophy,” she said. “I couldn't be more proud."