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Kennedy first at DCHS to sign for collegiate tennis
savanna kennedy scholarship
Dawson County High School senior Savannah Kennedy signed April 20 for a scholarship at Piedmont College, where she will be playing tennis in the fall. - photo by Colin Ochs
A new standard has been set for Dawson County tennis as Savanna Kennedy became the first student to sign a scholarship to play tennis at the college level. The soon-to-be high school graduate will continue her playing career at Piedmont College in the fall. “Mid-junior year, right before the season started, I was like I want to play college tennis,” Kennedy said. “I’m not ready to quit tennis after high school. So that’s where my ambition started.” Along the way, Kennedy always set goals for herself. Freshman year, her goal was to play varsity. Mission accomplished. Sophomore year, her goal was to be first singles. Mission accomplished. And now her goal of playing college tennis has also been accomplished.