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Grizzle continues football career at Huntingdon
harley grizzle pic
Dawson County Offensive Lineman Harley Grizzle will be continuing his football career at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Ala. Surrounded by friends and family, Grizzle made it official by signing his scholarship offer May 21. - photo by Jessica Taylor

Offensive Lineman for the Dawson County Tigers, Harley Grizzle, will continue his football career in Montgomery, Ala. this fall as he joins the ranks at Huntingdon College.

Grizzle signed his scholarship to the school May 21, making him an official collegiate athlete in the fall.

Two and a half years ago, Grizzle transferred to Dawson County from North Forsyth High School and was worried about fitting in with the team. He didn’t know anyone and was concerned about feeling like part of the team.

He said from his first day, the team and coaches welcomed him and made him feel at home.

“Thank you to all the seniors. When Harley came from North (they) welcomed (him) in and the coaching staff. He absolutely loved being here in Dawson,” said his mother, Ellie Littou.

In fact, Grizzle describes his time with the Tigers as an unforgettable experience.

“The best team I’ve had,” said Grizzle.

Since the third grade, Grizzle has always been a lineman, working with his teammates to cover the quarterback.

“I can’t say enough about (him) coming in and making an impact with us at Dawson County,” said Head Coach Sid Maxwell. “(Grizzle has) been a part of that on the left side tackle protecting our quarterback. He wouldn’t have had all the stats he had if it hadn’t been for the offensive line in front of him.”

Offensive Line Coach John Kenny also spoke about Grizzle’s time with the Tigers at last Monday’s signing, saying that he always did a tremendous job and is a great leader with great work ethic.

“All those stats from the running backs and quarterbacks is because of you and your other line mates so it’s well deserved and we’re very excited for you,” Kenny said to Grizzle.

Huntingdon College was an easy choice for Grizzle who wanted to stay close to his family. His other prospective university was 12 hours away and Grizzle knew he couldn’t be that far from his family.

The college, which is about three hours away from Dawsonville, is a doable distance for his proud family to come visit.

“Since it’s only three hours away the plan is to hopefully leave Georgia and go to Florida in Pensacola which is only two hours away,” said Littou.

Grizzle graduated from DCHS May 24 with a 3.0 GPA. He plans to study mathematics at Huntingdon to become a math teacher.