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Get to know new Tigers defensive coordinator, Craig Woodall
Craig Woodall will move into the defensive coordinator role for the Dawson County TIgers football team for the upcoming 2021 season.

After Bradley Fowler moved from the Dawson County Tigers football defensive coordinator to the high school’s athletic director, last season’s defensive line coach, Craig Woodall, was promoted to defensive coordinator. 

Woodall played for head coach Sid Maxwell while Maxwell was at Sequoyah High School and coached alongside him at Sequoyah and Lambert High School. 

The Dawson County News sat down with Woodall this week to talk about his new role. Here’s what he said. 

How did you get involved in coaching? 

“I graduated from UGA with a degree in history and worked in a completely unrelated field for around seven years. I did not initially go into coaching but got into education as a second career after meeting my wife and not being able to travel for work,” Woodall said. “First year, I was an offensive line coach. I was so bored I thought about quitting. That was just not a fit for me. Sid being a great leader, moved me to the defensive line. I don’t think there’s any connection to your own experience. A good coach is a student of the game.” 

How did you find out you were moving to defensive coordinator? 

“Sid called me. I knew there was a possibility, knowing that Bradley was up for the athletic director job. I wasn’t surprised he got it cause I know he’s gonna do a good job. I could tell by the tone in Sid’s voice he was going to ask me to do something. I’m excited for the opportunity to expand my team family and kind of cover more of the kids. Hopefully I can better their experience.” 

What do you love about football? 

“The game itself is a reflection of such a wider skillset of things that make good people, fathers and citizens. The game itself enamored me as far as the strategy part. Not necessarily play calling, but the different aspects of timing, spatial awareness and geometry. Carrying multiple variables in their head that makes the sport more complex than hopefully the kids you’re coaching ever know and overcoming limitations they put on themselves. That’s not something easily done in a sport that doesn’t infuse conflict.” 

What is it about the job that keeps you coming back everyday?

“Working with kids keeps you young. It keeps you involved. Something about coaching is that, like a lot of things in life, there’s a reflection of family especially when you take on the responsibility of stewarding these kids. You wouldn’t short change those kids.” 

What do you love most about Dawsonville? 

“One thing I love about Dawsonville is that the timing works out so well. School gets out earlier, we practice earlier. My family thinks I'm on vacation while I’m churning out those hours, even with taking over a coordinator. My son loves being around the locker room. He picks a couple heroes on each football team to admire and watch throughout the season.”