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Fun on the sideline teaches football basics
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In a first for Dawson County, local mothers and women relatives of gridiron players were indoctrinated to the ins and outs of high school football during "Fun on the Sidelines" Saturday at Tiger Stadium.

More than 40 local women participated in the clinic, including Michelle Everett, who attended in support of her nephew, linebacker Cody Padgett.

"I do have a little knowledge of the game, but there are times sitting up in the stands when I have to ask what just happened," she said. "I definitely wanted to support my nephew and the Tigers, and it doesn't hurt at all to know a little about the game."

The Dawson County football staff and athletic trainer taught the women about equipment fitting, official calls and rules and use of film.

"They broke us up into several groups depending on which position your player plays," said Everett.

The clinic was divided into two sessions, with head athletic trainer Chris Dearwent presenting the morning session that focused on hydration, injury prevention and many topics dealing with the health of their football child.

In the afternoon, the women took to the field and went through the paces of normal practice.

"We are so happy to finally put this clinic together," said Coach Jeff Lee. "It gives us a chance to teach the mom's a little about what their son does on the field. They also get a chance to ask questions. We just want to keep the moms informed."